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This website hosts our proposal for a new comic book series to be titled ARCHENEMIES.

  • Art from the series can be viewed by clicking the thumbnails to the left. (Please note that the story for each issue begins on the cover.)

  • The text of the proposal is reproduced below.

  • Complete creator credits appear at the bottom of the page.

If you are interested in publishing ARCHENEMIES, or if you'd simply like to learn more about this comic, please contact Drew Melbourne at

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A superhero and his archenemy don't realize that they're roommates in their secret identities.

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Ethan and Vincent share a cramped, rent-controlled NYC apartment... grudgingly. Ethan is a slob, Vincent is neurotic to a fault, and both have enormous secrets that they're trying to hide:

Ethan is the stellar-powered hero, Star Fighter, and Vincent is his mysterious nemesis, The Underlord.

In their costumed identities, Ethan and Vincent clash constantly, but in their private lives they have to find a way to live together.

ARCHENEMIES is the off-beat story of two people with absolutely nothing in common slowly building a friendship on a foundation of lies. A friendship inevitably doomed to failure.

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The first story arc is three issues:

    #1: "The Two Wrongs"
    As the series begins, Ethan and Vincent have been deliberately irritating one another, each hoping that the other will eventually move out. And at the same time they've been using their costumed identities to blow off steam... at each other. In the middle of all this, Vincent is rejected by his father's supervillain group, The Masked Circle. Back at the apartment, Vincent is further humiliated when he is caught eavesdropping on Ethan and his girlfriend. Ethan viciously berates Vincent, and Vincent secretly vows that from then on, Ethan—not Star Fighter—will be his new archenemy.

    #2: "What Goes Around"
    As The Underlord, Vincent sets traps around the apartment to kill Ethan. Ethan panics, assuming that The Underlord has figured out his secret ID, and breaks up with his girlfriend to get her out of harm's way. Meanwhile, Vincent's brother attempts to reach him by phone, but Ethan keeps hanging up on him and deleting messages. After getting some advice from a fellow New York hero, Ethan tries to make peace with Vincent and warn him about The Underlord's attacks. But Vincent has other things on his mind. He has finally spoken to his brother, only to learn that his father is dead.

    #3: "Past Repeating"
    Ethan drives Vincent upstate to his father's funeral, where he hopes The Underlord won't find them. The two bond as Ethan learns more about Vincent's family and upbringing. Many members of The Masked Circle are present at the funeral, and when The Circle's enemies attack, it's all out chaos. As Star Fighter and The Underlord, the roommates find themselves on the same side trying to restore order. In their exchanges, Ethan realizes that XXX XXXXXX XX XXXX. XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXX XXX XXXXXX XX. XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XX XXXX, XXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX XX XXX XXXX, XXXXXX XXXX XXX XXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX.

Future arcs will continue to explore and complicate this emerging friendship. The second arc will introduce Vincent's sister into the series XX X XXXXXXXXX XXXX XXXXXXXX XXX XXXXX XXX X XXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX-XX-XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX. The third arc will provide perspective on Ethan and Vincent's current relationship by flashing back to how the two first came to share an apartment and to other formative experiences.

As Ethan and Vincent's friendship deepens, the stakes of the series will continue to rise. The greater their friendship, the greater a tragedy it will be when they eventually discover the truth about each other. The series will culminate with XX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX, XXXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX XXXX-XXXXX XXXXXXX XXX XXX XXXXXXXXX, and XXXXX XXXXX XXX XXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX.

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ARCHENEMIES is a full-color, open-ended series told in three issue arcs. The story for each issue begins on the cover, as you can see from our sample pages. This is a gimmick inspired by the teasers that run at the beginning of most TV sitcoms. Hopefully it will help to distinguish the comic on the stands and draw in potential readers as they browse the comics racks.

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Our comic offers a fresh take on the never-ending battle between superheroes and supervillains (AND a fresh take on the mismatched roommate genre). Even comic neophytes will instantly understand and appreciate our "Superpowered Odd Couple" premise.

The mix of humor and drama should appeal to fans of ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN and INVINCIBLE. And the book should also appeal to anybody who's ever been stuck with a roommate they just couldn't stand.

Occasional sexual allusions and mild swearing will make this comic inappropriate for younger readers, but there's nothing in ARCHENEMIES that you couldn't see on a prime time sitcom.

Except for the superpowers.

Yvel and Joe are both industry vets whose artwork speaks for itself. We expect that their work will itself be a major draw for the series.

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The series will be supported with a multi-tiered marketing push, including advanced previews, a website, online and print interviews, convention and store appearances, and special contests and features in each issue of the comic.

Some of the key elements of this effort are expanded upon below:

  • ADVANCED PREVIEWS will be sent to comics reviewers, targeted retailers, and comics professionals to generate buzz and serve as a source of pull quotes for future marketing. Pro feedback will also be used to identify pros who might be interested in contributing to the series' "World's Worst Roommate" feature (see below).

  • ARCHENEMIES ONLINE will provide additional previews, merchandise, discussion forums, retailer support, and bonus features (like a Virtual Apartment Tour and an "Are You An Ethan Or A Vincent?" Quiz). Content from the website may later appear in the comic or in TPBs.

  • THE COVER GIMMICK (starting each issue's story on the cover) will help to distinguish the series on the stands.

  • THE "WORLD'S WORST ROOMMATE" STRIP will run in each issue. These are one-pagers by well-known creators detailing their worst roommate experiences. (Dependent on creator availability.)

  • THE "ROOMMATE ZERO" CONTEST will be held via the comics' letters page and online. Readers will submit their roommate horror stories. The person who submits the "worst" entry will be written into a future issue of the comic.

  • ARCHFRIENDS (enthusiastic supporters of the comic, identified via the website) will be recognized in each issue, hopefully spurring additional activism.

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  • Words by Drew Melbourne (HEROES OF TOMORROW, Top Cow '06)

  • Pencils by Yvel Guichet (JLA, AQUAMAN)

  • Inks by Joe Rubinstein (Practically Everything)

  • Colors by Rick Hiltbrunner (IRON GHOST)

  • Letters by Jim Keplinger (SHADOWHAWK)

ARCHENEMIES was created by Drew Melbourne. The logo was designed by Jim Keplinger.

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ARCHENEMIES, the ARCHENEMIES logo, Star Fighter and The Underlord and the distinct likenesses thereof, and all other site contents are © and ™ Drew Melbourne. All rights reserved.