WITH THANKS TO: Josh Elliott, DJ Coffman, Ryan Hill, Kaiti Zuidema, Ashleigh Firth, Mike Furletti, Stuart Moore, Hugh Sterbakov, Warren Ellis, Dan Slott, Daniel Fienberg + Mike Richardson.

In years past Drew has been a poet, a stand-up comedian, a school teacher, and a corporate stooge. He is currently a freelance writer living in New York City. He has many roommates. Most of them aren't evil. ARCHENEMIES is his first published comics work. To learn more about Drew, visit his creatively titled website, DrewMelbourne.com.
Yvel got his first big break drawing Valiant comics in the early 90s. Since then, he's penciled a number of high profile projects, including runs on JLA, SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL, and the recent AQUAMAN relaunch. He was also the artist on BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN, the story that brought the popular cartoon character into regular continuity. Yvel draws inspiration from anime, Classical painting and sculpture, monster movies, and a dozen other disparate sources. Yvel has a deep affinity for Asian art and culture. He enjoys drawing comics with a dark or humorous tone. Yvel hates drawing big buildings and would probably be much happier if ARCHENEMIES was set in Montana.

Joe and his family moved from Israel to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn when he was five years old. He couldn't read English yet, but Joe poured over his cousin's comics with great enthusiasm, and soon he was drawing comics of his own. Joe studied under EC's Bernie Krigstein and Arthur Foster, son of the great Hal Foster. While still a teen, he worked for Dick Giordano and assisted Wally Wood, Jack Able, Russ Heath, Klaus Janson, and others. At 17, Joe got his first three inking jobs all on the same day, and he's been working steadily ever since. His inks have graced the pages of virtually every major superhero title in the past twenty-five years, including AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and UNCANNY X-MEN. He has won an Eisner and a Huxur for his comics work. Joe is also an award-winning portrait artist and illustrator. In between inking ARCHENEMIES pages, Joe is hard at work on an illustration series featuring the Alamo.
Rick was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska, where he still lives. Rick's color work has previously graced the pages of Image Comics' IRON GHOST and ARMOR X, as well as the "Mask of the Gargoyle" stories in DIGITAL WEBBING PRESENTS and the "NecroCity Chronicles" stories in ATP PRESENTS.

In addition to being an experienced letterer and logo designer, Jim "Kep!" Keplinger is also a talented writer whose recent credits include last year's SHADOWHAWK relaunch from Shadowline & Image Comics and FC9's Genie. Kep! has contributed logos, lettering, and design work for those titles and others, including Image Comics' SMALL GODS. He has a wife, three children (one of each), and several personalities. For all the latest, check out Babblement.com.
Philip Simon was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and raised in the small, rural town of Duson, Louisiana, where he had plenty of books, comics, and cats. He received a Bachelor's in English from Louisiana State University, with a focus on comic book literature, and worked as the publicity director for a fine art gallery before moving to Portland, Oregon. He's worked as a comic book retailer, freelance comics critic, and radio station music director. Highlights from his first six years at Dark Horse Comics include meeting Will Eisner, working with Tim Biskup, Eric Drooker, Denis Kitchen, Joe Kubert, and Mark Schultz, editing and script-polishing the English-language BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL monthlies and EDEN manga trades, and being able to work with the fine, creative crew known as the Deadline-Beating ARCHENEMIES Juggernauts. Philip is nearsighted and left-handed.
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